Aloha Living & Huna


    "E komo mai" ("Welcome" or "come on in") is a feeling that flows
throughout the Hawaiian Islands & its people.
A magical feel permeates the air like tropical floral scents . . . 
as the "mana" or life-energy travels uninterrupted from the
snow-covered mountain tops & volcanoes . . . nibbling the lush
rainforests, & regenerating its spirit . . . in the canvas of green,
turquoise & blue waves . . . splashing upon this paradise . . . Hawaii.
We will try to represent the amazing energies of the islands as
much as possible . . . Of course, nothing can replace the real aromas,
vistas, laughter, leis & luaus, but we will try our best to bring the
ALOHA of the islands to you.
Let's live Aloha with every breath & every step!
Maui 2015
Dale (Kaila) & Jeanne (Kiane)
Kumu Huna Masters


Huna                Huna Classes

            Energy Healing Sessions

  • Huna I & II - Kahi Loa/7 Elements
  • Kalana Hula (Hawaiian Qi Gong)
  • 7 Elements Breathing 
  • Lomi Ho'oponopono Coaching 
Eye of Kanaloa
                  Healing Meditation
  • Look or imagine the symbol.
  • Relax the body/mind.
  • Place a hand on a body part in need of healing.
  • Inhale, & see the symbol -- Exhale, & feel the Aloha flowing into the body part through your hand.
  • Repeat until you feel calm.
  • Say, "Aloha."
haw-chants                Hawaiian Pule
                  (Chants & Prayers)


               Peaceful Maui Sunset
med-fire            Elemental Healing Meditation
  • Touch any body part in need of healing.
  • Inhale, & focus on Sun -- Exhale, & feel the Aloha flowing into the body part through your hand.
  • Repeat until you feel the heat.
  • When finished or need cooling off -- Inhale, & focus on water -- Exhale, & focus on body part.
  • Repeat until you feel calm.
  • Say, "Aloha."






Aloha-Keep Calm


 A hui hou


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