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Huna ~ Reflexology ~ Reiki ~ Shamanic 
     Energy Work is defined as holistic practices that promote harmony & wellness of the mind, body & spirit . . . Notify your medical professional about your Energy Work as this is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care provided by physicians, medical professionals or medical practices . . . Energy Work may complement your current wellness regimen.
     Keep in mind that physical ailments reflect your current mental/spiritual perspectives . . . We invite you to treat not only your physical condition, but also to discover, & heal the root of your thinking/feeling patterns . . . Sometimes, a little 3-D body maintenance is required to resonate with the newer version of YOU . . . Harmony & balance may be restored if we take care of this mind, body & spirit connection.    
     The Energy Work described below may be used as effective stress-reduction & relaxation regimens . . . Energy Work is often a blend of wellness/spiritual practices from cultures around the world . . . Remember, YOU have the power to influence, & change your well-being. 



Huna is a Hawaiian Shamanic system of Energy Healing - defined
      as "hidden/secret" . . . Rainbow Light is the visualization for the
      movement of energy.
- Kahi & Kahi Loa ("Oneness & Great Oneness")  
    - Light touching of the body's power centers & mana breathing 
    - Flowing Touches/Movements to create sensations on the skin to relieve stress
    - 7 elements of Fire-Wind-Water-Stone-Plant-Animal-Human
    - Client is fully clothed.
- Lomilomi may be practiced in many ways & is truly "Aloha" in motion.
Massage (Licensed) Professionals: physical relaxation & wellness . . . Lomilomi integrates well with current massage modalities or as a stand-alone session. (NC law: massage therapy license if offered for a fee/other consideration.)
Non-licensed practitioners: practice on family members/friends
(without any compensation)
Ministers: Lomi Ho'oponopono Coaching/Energy Work aspect may be used for pastoral counseling (Ho'oponopono) & for reviewing emotional patterns, past-life memories & current life perspectives.



 - Reflex points on the feet are touched/pressed to relieve stress & harmonize
      body systems.

- Client is fully clothed.  

- Check with the practitioner for contraindications.



Reiki blue hand


- Reiki is a Japanese word defined as "Universal Energy" --- rediscovered in Japan
      by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s.

- Usui Reiki Ryoho - "Usui's System of Natural Healing"

- Reiki energy is passed from teacher to student through an attunement ceremony.

- Reiki flows into the body with a light touch & visualization of the Blue Reiki Ray.

- Reiki uses Power Symbols to energize the Reiki Flow.

- Illness & Wellness Sessions - Chakra Balancing - Harmonizes personal energy field

- Client is fully clothed.  


 Shamanic Ceremonies & Energy Work


- Contemporary blending or Modern/Cross-Cultural Shamanism

- Ceremonies/Rituals to restore the balance/harmony in your life (private/group)

      Blessings/Clearings (person, house, land)

      - Ceremonial Oils/Scents

      - Drumming

      - Elemental (Fire-Earth-Air-Water) - Sun - Moon

      - Energy Work: Chakra Balancing, Crystals/Stones/Sacred Geometry Grids,

            Feather, Hawaiian Alaea, Meridians, Merkaba, Smudging, Soul Retrieval,

            Sound (Crystal Bowls - Drum - Tibetan Bells/Bowls - Toning - Tuning forks)

      - Meditation - Shamanic Dreaming/Journeying

      - Power Tools

      - Shamanic Life Coaching & Lomi Ho'oponopono

      - Tai Chi - Qi Gong - Breath Work - Chi balancing

      - Vision Quests 


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