Galactic Portals
Galactic Portals 
Galactic Portals or Stargates 

The Galactic Portals or Stargates may be used for connection, meditation & travel to other places/dimensions . . . If you are new to this level of spiritual work, it is highly recommended that you set an alarm clock or watch to monitor your time.

Since "time" is arbitrary, you may be having experiences for what appears to be 10 minutes, yet in this reality, 30 minutes have gone by -- Rip Van Winkle!!! . . . Think how your dreams seem to last for hours/days, yet less than a few minutes in your brain. 

Each portal has been "prepared" for you to experience a certain theme/vibration relative to that dimension . . . A Guide will meet you when you emerge through the portal . . . You may ask questions, explore the area or simply look, listen & feel.

Some people may feel a need to be "protected" . . . Keep in mind that LOVE is the common thread throughout the Universe . . . Instead of carrying fear with you, pack your lunchbag with love . . . Wherever we go, we take the love with us, which is our mutual currency with other energies.

Believe in yourself . . . Know that God is in everyone, everything & everywhere.

Galactic Portals-vesica piscis Suggestions for the Meditation

Click on any portal below for a larger image. Use music of your choice. 

 Gaze at the center star.

As you defocus on the image, the radial beams will disappear.

A vesica piscis will appear -- this is the gateway . . . Close your eyes, & allow your spirit to fly.

Connect with your personal guide when you arrive. 

When the meditation is over, open your eyes . . . See the vesica piscis again, & as your vision returns clearly. you will be back in this reality. 

Relax . . . Breathe . . . Feel the love . . . In-joy the ride. 



Galactic Portal-citizenship

Perspectives of Galactic Citizenship & Shamanism

  • God is in everyone, everything & everywhere.
  • We are One --- UNITY.
  • Accept, Know & Forgive yourself, so you can Accept, Forgive & Know Other-Selves.
  • I am another You . . . You are another me.
  • Love is power . . . Love is the foundation of the Universe.
  • If love is absent, share your love . . . If love is present, add your love to it.
  • See/Hear/Feel the Love in every moment & in everyone, everything, everywhere.
  • Look/Listen/Sense for the Love in every moment & in everyone, everything, everywhere.
  • Everything is alive, aware & conscious.
  • We can have a relationship with everything.
  • Appreciate, & see the Beauty – the Universe will respond.
  • Everything is a dream . . . We can change the dream at any moment.
  • Every pattern/rhythm on Earth is reflective of a larger pattern/rhythm in the Cosmos & vice versa --- As Above, So Below - As Below, So Above.
  • Know, Accept & Live Your Unique Expressions of Our One Infinite Creator --- Abilities, Gifts, Skills, Talents only you can do.
  • Respond to your abilities with service to others.
  • We are Divine! . . . We live forever.

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