Sirian Mother Ship

The ship is a very large (miles long) bio-dimensional, sentient energy field . . . it is alive. 

As you are guided by the Sirian emissary, be part of the dynamic flow . . . This Mother Ship is currently within our own solar system -- on another dimensional level.

Feel your way through the experience  --  giving & receiving love.


Suggestions for the Meditation

Gaze at the center star.

As you defocus on the image, the radial beams will disappear.

A vesica piscis will appear -- this is the gateway . . . Close your eyes, & allow your spirit to fly.

Connect with your personal guide when you arrive.

When the meditation is over, open your eyes . . . See the vesica piscis again, & as your vision returns clearly, you will be back in this reality.




 Galactic Portals-vesica piscis


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