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Heart Lights Around the World has 2 goals:

1) A Cyber Healing Ministry of Energy Healers/Heart Lights sharing our LOVE with those in need

2) Shining our Heart Lights to Energize Planet Aloha

Join us as a Cyber Healer by sending your Aloha Bubbles, Blessings/Prayers, Heart Lights & Huna/Reiki Distant energies to help our family/friends with their mind-body-spirit healing requests.

>>> List of healing requests on the Facebook page <<<


What is a Heart Light?

     Everyone & everything has a Heart Light . . . It is the tiny space of the heart within everyone & everything . . . We are all One with our Infinite Creator, & this eternal love shines through each of us . . . We can share this love or Heart Light as we go about our day -- a kind word, a smile, a helping hand, a kiss, a hug, a card, an email, a phone call or feelings/thoughts of beauty & appreciation.


How did this concept begin?

     We read in The Upanishads, (Chandogya Upanishad):

"The little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe. The heavens & the earth are there, & the sun, & the moon, & the stars; fire & lightning & winds are there; & all that now is & all that is not . . ."

      After a Merkaba Master class, which focuses on being in the tiny space of the heart, we wanted to create a way for others to show the light within their hearts . . . During meditation a picture of a bright shining heart was shown . . . To make this happen in our reality, we simply use a mirror, camera & the sun.

     Now, enters social media with the uploading of Heart Lights around the world . . . We use Facebook as our vehicle to create a world-wide ministry to connect 1 million Heart Lights . . . So grab your camera, mirror & go outside!


How to Create a Heart Light

  • Materials: round mirror about the size of your hand - camera - bright sun
  • Face the sun with mirror at heart.
  • Circle mirror with hands, fingers/thumbs touching. 
  • Photographer stands with back to sun.
  • Shine the mirror so it reflects the sun into the camera lens.
  • Think/Feel love, peace, harmony, happiness, joy & let your Heart Light shine!
  • Take several photos to capture your energy/reflection. 
  • Go to Facebook & upload photos on "Heart Lights Around the World."


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social media campaign to shine 1 million Heart Lights on Mother Earth 

Launched in Greensboro, NC on June 8, 2013

Facebook - Heart Lights Around the World


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