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    Thank you for visiting our little corner of the galaxy . . . EarthStar Spiritual Center is a multi-faith church, offering loving perspectives for spiritual growth & service . . . Our goal is to assist you in remembering who you are, & to know/accept/activate the beautiful Divine/Human Potential that lives within you . . . Below are our core ideals & principles about this amazing journey on Mother Earth:   

 Our Statement of InterFaith ~ A.L.O.H.A.

A - All-Loving: Our All-Loving Infinite Creator is everyone, everything, everywhere.

L - Love: Our eternal purpose is to BE LOVE in our endless lifetimes through infinite
                 dimensions . . . Service to others.
O - One: We are One, "En Lak' Ech, A Lak' En" (Maya: I am another you & you are another me.) . . .
                 Everyone is a unique expression of Our One Infinite Creator.
H - Heart: We walk the Path of the Heart ~ See-Hear-Feel the Love in every moment.
A - As Above, So Below ~ As Within, So Without

~ Everything is Light & All is Love ~

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    Perhaps, some or all of the above ideas are already interwoven into your Circle of Life . . . Continue to open your heart; & follow its path as you broaden your ways of thinking, feeling & acting . . . Share your love & wisdom through your filters of mind, body & spirit . . . A small change within you will affect our world in the most profound ways . . . Our Huna Principles teach us: 

. . . The world is what you think it is . . .

      Fill your life with peace, love & harmony as you serve others when & where you can . . . We have many options to help you to harmonize your Mind-Body-Spirit connections . . . Visit this link for information on classes/events for business, personal & spiritual development . . . All of us are evolving into the Path of the Heart; & we can enliven our realities with peace, love & harmony to create Planet Aloha!

See-Hear-Feel the Love in every moment . . .
& in everyone, everything, everywhere!
Maui 2015
Aloha Y'all,   

Dale & Jeanne Stacy


Daily Meditation to ignite/nourish your Energy Field 


 Breathe - Relax - BE YOU! 

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See/Imagine the rainbow colors (ROYGBIV) & repeat 3x:

"I am Calm - I am Healed - I am Loved - I am Well"


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Huna Hawaiian Energy Healing ~ Reflexology ~ Reiki ~ Shamanic . . . Contact Dale by phone (336.668.7044), FB Msg or email to schedule our connection.


Heart Lights Around the World

Cyber Healing Support Community to share our Aloha Heart Lights w/others . . . send your Aloha Bubbles, blessings/prayers, Heart Lights & Huna/Reiki Distant energies . . . Join us on Facebook --- click here to join.



Merkabas Across America & the World

Cyber Ministry for Healing of Mother Earth . . . Any areas experiencing natural disasters, geo-political upheavals or any disharmony . . . share your Merkabas or Energy Bubbles of Aloha in every city/town in the USA/World . . . a social media ministry of EarthStar Spiritual Center . . . . Join us on Facebook --- click here to join.



Answer the call to be an Interfaith or Multi-Faith minister. Perform weddings, blessings, christenings & other religious/spiritual ceremonies legally.



Shamanic Life Coaching

Positive, action-oriented steps to achieve goals/skills for individuals, couples & families . . . Be the Best Version of YOU! . . . Contact Dale by phone (336.668.7044), FB Msg or email to schedule our connection.



Weddings & List of Ordained Ministers

Information about wedding ceremonies & a list of our Ordained Interfaith Ministers


W.I.S.E. - Wanderers - Intergalactics - Shamans - Elementals . . . Connecting weekly for "Law of One" discussion - Healing - Meditation w/weekly Interfaith themes . . . Meets Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 . . . All are invited & join us anytime. 


S.H.A.R.E. - Sharing Huna & Reiki Energy . . . Connecting monthly on the last Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 . . . for Huna & Reiki practitioners to heal/network . . . Join us on Facebook for class information --- click here.



Another ministry all of us can do - in some way . . .

Do each SHACK at least once a day!


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Multi-Faith Church for Living A.L.O.H.A. ~ Discovering Our Wholeness

Harmony of Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit 


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