Merkaba Photos


 Merkaba Locations
> All Merkabas have been placed with permission from Mother Earth. <
1-hangin rock - may 2012             
2-greensboro-may 2012
3-midwest - may-june 2012 
4-greensboro-kernersville-may-june 2012 
5-goldsboro-raleigh-june 2012
6-high point-winston salem-june 2012

7-san franciso-june 2012

8-china-june 2012-2

8-durham-chapel hill-july 2012
9-northeast usa-july 2012
10-tybee isand-savannah-july 2012
11-boone-august 2012

12-greenville-october 2012

 12-wyoming-november 2012

 14-louisville ky-march 2013




 17-kansas city-tracy-may2013


18-steamboat springs co-may2013



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