Shamanism - Modern


What is Shamanism? --- The Harmony of Mind - Body - Spirit

  • Mind imagines - Body performs - Spirit creates/inspires!
  • This is the process we use to create here on 3-D Earth (& beyond).
  • Shamanism is a path to LIVE LOVE with our thoughts, words & actions to influence our reality . . . We co-create our realities as we energize the Path of the Heart.


Who are Modern/Cross-Cultural Shamans?

  • We are from all cultures, jobs, places & walks of life. 
  • We share & practice the many teachings from our collective human experiences/wisdom.
  • We sense in our Minds/Hearts that we are always connected to "The Spirit that Flows through All Things."
  • We choose to serve others in a positive loving fashion.
  • We live with a conscious harmony of mind, body & spirit.
  • We practice living in a balanced & reciprocal manner.
  • We imagine the possibilities for ALL to contribute in our unique ways for Planet Aloha.



Mantras to Focus our Service -- Inward & Outward



"Narrow is the way . . . narrow as the razor’s edge"

  • Mother Earth & Father Sky have been calling for their children to awaken.
  • We have seen/heard/felt the vibrations to activate/express our service to others with Love.  

Ancient texts tell us, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Jesus teaches, “Narrow is the way which leadeth unto life.”

The Upanishads explain, "the path is narrow & difficult to tread, narrow as the razor’s edge.” 

  • NOW is the time to shine our inner light during this period of dimensional spiritual transition.
  • NOW is the time to use our abilities, gifts, skills & talents.
  • NOW is the time to recognize our unique expressions of Our One Infinite Creator.
  • NOW is the time to BE who we really are --- Super Heroes with Earthly Super Powers! 



Tiny Space of the Heart      

  • With an OPEN HEART, we can springboard into the depths of loving service --- using our Super Powers. (abilities/skills/talents)
  • All our questions/answers may be discovered "within" a special innermost place.
  • The Center of the Universe is literally inside each of us, just a relaxing breath away.

 Tiny Space of Heart



Focus/Purpose of Modern Shamans

  • BE LOVE. (Our eternal lesson/purpose)
  • Activate our Expressions (Super Powers) of LOVE within the WHOLENESS of Life.
  • Practice the "6 Ws" of Shamanic Service: Serving Who we can, doing What we can, When we can, Where we can, How we can & Why, because we can.
  • L-A-B: Look like a Shaman ~ Act like a Shaman ~ Be a Shaman.

             Look like Aloha ~ Act like Aloha ~ Be Aloha.

             Look like Kindness ~ Act like Kindness ~ Be Kindness.

             Look like _______ ~ Act like _______ ~ Be ________.

Shamanism-YY Hearts


Learning Shamanism in a Modern Mystery School

  • A Mystery School is an atmosphere of remembering ancient teachings.
  • Learn how to use this wisdom for contemporary living.
  • Now is the time to practice this magic again.

As our Hawaiian Huna teachers say:

"Ahuwale Ka Nane Huna”  (That which is hidden is now revealed.)


Next class: Saturday/Sunday, September 29-30, 2018


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Shamanism-Promo Video


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