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Merkaba A-

Merkaba Alpha ~ Omega Class: next class TBA 2019

     Are you ready to expand your Shamanic Magic to a Universal level -- being/living in the heart? . . . If so, you will have the opportunity to activate your Merkaba permanently . . . Merkaba awareness provides incredible opportunities to experience life through the "tiny space of the heart" . . . Your only prerequisite is being able to go within to your heart space. 

     Merkaba classes are a continuing study interest from our experiences with the Flower of Life classes/materials . . . We attended a class in Sedona, Arizona, in December 2011 --- "Awakening the Illuminated Heart" workshop with Drunvalo Melchizedek . . . There were 140 participants from 22 countries . . . It was quite an enlightening experience to activate our pineal beams & Merkabas permanently . . . We also visited the vortexes in Sedona (BTW - Sedona is the vortex!) & used our collective Merkabas to assist Mother Earth with several blessing/clearing ceremonies.



Dale & Jeanne with Drunvalo at the ATIH Workshop
Sedona, Arizona

MERKABA: ALPHA ~ OMEGA --- Heart & Universal Connection

Merkaba is an interdimensional energy field/body of light . . . Every galaxy, star, planet & person has a Merkaba . . .The Merkaba rests within the Sacred Space of the Heart . . . Most of our Merkabas are dormant & can be reactivated for Ascension, healing, meditation & connection to multiple realities. 

-- Sacred Space of the Heart
-- Pineal Beams Activation
-- Archangel Michael Healing 
-- Heart Merkaba Activation (Alpha/Omega Spheres)
-- 4-D Galaxy & 2nd Heart Connection
-- Healing & External Merkabas

     Merkaba Alpha-Omega will provide an opportunity to explore your sacred heart space & "tiny space of the heart" . . . This is a 2-day class to help you in opening your heart & reactivating your Heart Merkaba -- conscious connection with 144-D. 


Merkaba Alpha


What is Universal Merkaba Shamanism?


     This perspective of Universal Shamanism builds upon our conscious evolution to experience life as an infinite point of awareness . . . Merkaba Shamanism will propel the Shamanic practitioner to live fully in the heart through the infinite dimensions of our realities . . . Living with LOVE as our filter will change our thoughts, words, actions & dreams!!!


     Our continuing goals as Shamans are to be of service to others . . .  & by living in the heart, we can walk the Path of the Heart to see, hear & feel LOVE in every moment . . . Our hearts are the Universe ~ The Universe is our hearts.


The inner law of the Universe: TRY ALL POSSIBILITIES!


The outer law of the Universe: CREATE, & SERVE WITH LOVE!





Suggested Reading/Study

Living in the Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Upanishads, Penguin Classics w/Juan Mascaro
(preferred translation-focus on "heart" passages)

Videos on YouTube with Drunvalo Melchizedek


Suggested: "Mindfold" (blindfold) for meditations


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