Shamanic Studies



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Shamanic Studies  

We have current & on-going Shaman Mystery Schools to experience & practice Modern Shamanism. 

For self/group study, class manuals for previous Mystery Schools will be available soon.


Current & On-going Shaman Mystery Schools for 2019 

"13 Dimensions of Our YOUniverse" 
Class Dates: March 2-3 or April 6-7, 2019
SMS 2019-13-D
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SMS-7-Merkaba A-O 
Activation & Connection
Merkaba - Alpha Sphere Activation 
  •  Universal Shamanism
  •  Sacred Space of the Heart
  •  Pineal beams
  •  Archangel Michael healing
  •  Heart Merkaba activation
  •  External Merkabas


Merkaba Master - Omega Sphere Activation

  •  2nd Heart Activation
  •  Galactic Gateway
  •  Model Merkaba
  •  Imagery Meditations
  •  Omega Sphere Expansion to 144-D 

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Previous Shaman Mystery Schools - 2008-2018 

Class manuals available soon 




Shaman/Wanderer Mystery School
  • Law of One Teachings & Wanderer Aspects 
  •  Ascension/Harvest & the Future of Humanity
  •  Ra, Confederation, 3-D Matrix Update & more
  •  Earth Super Powers (Gifts-Abilities-Skills-Talents)
  •  W.I.S.H. Chart – Plan of Service  



 4-D Shaman Mystery School 
Evolutionary Shaman Plan
 4-D Shaman Mystery School
Bridging Shamanic Hearts
 Simply Shaman Mystery School
Interdimensional Journey 3D - 4D - 5D
Hawaiian Huna Mystery School
7 Elements of Aloha

     A contemporary Huna Hawaiian Mystery School to help refine your connection to your HEART . . . Exploring heart connections with the 7 elements of Aloha: Fire-Wind-Water-Stone-Plant-Animal-Human . . . Going within to the Sacred Space of the Heart & your Higher Aloha Self.



Shamanic Mystery School
Seven Temples of Reality
     A contemporary cross-cultural Mystery School to help refine your connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky & the Divine Spirit within you . . .  Exploring various cultural teachings for experiential Modern Shamanic practice with a galactic awareness . . . We will explore each chakra/temple to reveal the magic within. 
"En Lak' Ech . . . A Lak' En"
(I am another you . . . You are another me)



Earthstar Spiritual Center

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Multi-Faith Church for Living A.L.O.H.A. ~ Discovering Our Wholeness

Harmony of Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit 



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