Shamanic Principles


Seven Shamanic Principles*

The following Shamanic Principles are powerful ideas to filter our mind-body-spirit experiences . . . Take one priniciple at a time, & apply it to daily living . . . Notice the changes in mind-body-spirit awareness . . . Adapt these perspectives into your reality to discover an illuminating path to excite your Shamanic senses.  


1. The world is what you think it is.

  • Your thoughts decide what is & what isn't. 
  • These thoughts shape your reality.
  • You can change your patterns of reality.
Shaman Principles1

2. There are no limits.

  • Be free, & live your magic.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • You are unlimited . . . dream big.
Shaman Principles2

3. Energy flows where focus goes.

  • Act on your intentions.
  • Decide, & follow-up with action.
  • Persevere with your concentration.
Shaman Principles3

4. Now is the moment of power.

  • Live fully, here & now.
  • The past is history . . . the future is mystery.
  • Enjoy the moment with all your awareness.
Shaman Principles4

5. Love is to be happy with someone or something.

  • Feel the joy in your life, & celebrate in some way.
  • Be "in love" with someone/something.
  • Spread this love/joy with every thought & every smile.
Shaman Principles5

6. All power is within you.

  • Have confidence in yourself.
  • You are Divine!
  • You have the power to create anything.
Shaman Principles6

7. Your effectiveness is your truth.

  • Be flexible.
  • Stick to your truth.
  • Continue successful patterns of thoughts, words & actions.
Shaman Principles7 
The Shamanic Journey begins now . . . to be the Shaman you want to be, you must change the person you are now . . . Change your mind, & your world changes . . . Live Aloha along the way . . . Meet you between the heartbeats.
* These teachings are highlighted in Serge Kahili King's books & workshops about Huna at
Aloha International in Hawaii. 

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