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"En Lak' Ech.....A Lak' En"

     Shamanic practitioners are heeding the call as the journey begins. The quickening is upon us. Are you ready to serve as the dimensional veils become lighter? Do you feel the summoning of your Higher Self as you prepare the way for new energies? Will you boldly go where others have gone; or will you blaze the trail where few have trod, save the wisest, bravest & most loving Shamans?
     A Shamanic Mystery School awaits your presence. You have prepared for this your whole life, & now you have an opportunity to progress through the Seven Sacred Temples of Reality. Within your body exists the treasures of Heaven, which have been hidden from you. Now is the time to extract this wisdom to use in the most magnificent transition humanity has ever known....a dimensional awakening/shift.
     You are the catalyst to make this happen. When your heart is open to the possibilities, you can be the vanguard of a new generation, helping others ascend to heights where myths are born.
You are a Shaman!
NOW is the time to remember!
     The Seven Sacred Temples of Reality are listed below. Shamanism is a fluid art in constant change, so for now, these are the activities for each Temple.
    These courses are intensive & geared for individuals who have worked on their spirituality with a calling to Shamanic work. This is not play. We will have fun, but this is the Great Work. You will be working with natural & unseen forces of the Universe, & we want to have full awareness of their energy & loving presence. This awareness has been 12,812 years in the making as we now leave the Path of the Mind - male teachings.
It is the Path of the Heart - female teachings.
The focus of this Modern Mystery School is:
to refine your relationship with the Divine Spirit within you


Temple of Mother Earth

    "Grounded Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Shaman Protocols

Path of the Heart

Shamanic Perspectives

Hawaiian Pikopiko Breathing

Tai Chi Walking

Crystals & Magnets

Group Chanting & Drumming

Chakra Ceremony

Mayan Spirit Name


     Temple of Water

     "Creative Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Power of Emotions

Creation Process

Shamanic Treasure Map

Shamanic Divination

Energy Devices

Power Tools

Group Chanting & Drumming

Chakra Ceremony

Water Ceremony


     Temple of Fire

"Spiritual Warrior Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Spiritual Warrior Perspectives

Sun Meditation

Body Language & Rapport

Qi Gong & Tai Chi

Personal Energy Fields

Group Chanting & Drumming

Chakra Ceremony

Fire Ceremony


Temple of Goddess 

     "Loving Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Goddess History & Archetypes

Thirteen Influential Females

Goddess Wisdom Circle

Group Chanting, Dancing & Drumming

Heart Meditations

Chakra Ceremony

Goddess Healing Circle

Sh-ThroatTemple of Venus

    "Vibrating Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

History of Planet Earth

Venus & the Hathors

Model Octahedron

Chanting & Toning

Group Chanting & Drumming

Chakra Ceremony

Hathor Initiation Ceremony


Temple of the Galaxy

"Galactic Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Pineal Meridian Clearing

Galactic Mudra & Symbol

Pineal Beams Activation

Ultra-Terrestrial Contact

Shamanic Journeying/Dreaming

Shape-Shifting & Grokking

Group Chanting & Drumming

Chakra Ceremony

Galactic Citizenship Ceremony


Temple of Heaven

"Ceremonial Shaman"

Blessing/Clearing Ceremony

Shamanic Roles in 2012

Ceremony & Ritual

Blessing/Clearing Rituals

Ceremony & Chants

Interfaith Ministry

Chakra Ceremony

Interfaith Minister Ordination 

Class length & Tuition
The Temple classes may be completed in 3 weekends (Fri-Sun):
2015 Class Dates TBA
Friday evening: 7pm-10pm -- Sat/Sun: 9am-7pm
Temples Earth/Water/Fire: $333
Temples Goddess/Venus: $333
Temples Galaxy/Heaven/Minister Ordination: $333
Classroom Location: TBA 
 Prior to class date, a list of supplies needed for each Temple will be sent by email.

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