Tribal vs. Modern


Tribal vs. Modern Shamanism

     Shamanism has captured many of our thoughts as it seems to stir some primal longings deep within our souls . . . The Mayan Calendar of 2012 sparked our interest in ancient knowledge & a dimensional shift happening in the Age of Aquarius . . . Well, it is happening as we move from the Path of the Mind to the Path of the Heart . . . Our spiritual search will inevitably cross the path of Shamanism . . . For many, the journey ends, since we are unable to find a Shaman because of our modern social structures & the chasm to this secret knowledge.

       The way we learn may require some tweaking to a level of Wholeness . . . Learning with our whole self -- mind, body & spirit . . . Our mind imagines; body acts; & spirit inspires/creates --- Harmony of Mind - Body - Spirit . . . This is the creative process, & one of our first steps to integrate our modern living with ancient wisdom . . . Modern Shamans know that All are Divine & All is Sacred, so our life experiences are valuable as we coelesce Tribal & Modern Shamanism principles . . . Review the lists below for common perspectives between Tribal & Modern Shamanism.



Tribal Shamanism                               Modern Shamanism

Other titles: traditional                            Other titles: cross-cultural

Tribal land: sacred places                        Any place

Tribal language                                      Language of many cultures

Closed/Secret: tribal members only          Open to all - collaborative

Tribal beliefs                                          Varied beliefs of many cultures

Tribal traditions - from elders                   Modern traditions - from many cultures

Time - flexible                                        Time - limited & full of schedules

Rituals - can use sacrifices                       Rituals - sacrifices may be illegal

Herbs - from elders                                 Herbs - many sources, may be illegal/unavailable

Lifestyle - supports physical ceremonies    Lifestyle - restricts participation 

Ceremonies - only tribal members            Ceremonies - everyone participates

Shamans - birthright/apprenticeship         Shamans - emerge from many walks of life

Shaman's needs - provided by tribe          Shaman's needs - usually money

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